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Tamara M.

A Dedicated Teacher Looking for a New Perspective

Tamara's testimonial on KoruCenter's Colorado weight loss campTamara worked with KoruCenter’s Colorado weight loss camp while visiting from New York. On break from her teaching job in Dubai, she has been teaching English in the Middle East for years. After years of being in shape, she saw her body start to change while putting in numerous hours into her teaching career. She decided to take two weeks of her vacation to work with KoruCenter to kickstart her weightloss journey as she recognized she needed help.

Tamara focused on her cardio health and dropped 20 percent of her 1-mile walk time and lost 5 inches in the two weeks she was with us. She was very satisfied with her behavior management sessions and very confident that she will excel once she’s back home.

She lost weight and felt invigorated to head back to the Middle East with a new perspective on keeping her health and weight under control.


Everyone who works here listens well and gives you confidence to succeed.

I believe this is the most fit I have ever been and realize it is truly attainable.

My favorite aspect was coming to Colorado and having so many of the activities take place outside, whether it was in one of the parks or in the mountains on trails. … It was actually far more difficult than I expected. But it was very good for me. I am tired but feel great!

I have surely regained my incentive to continue along the path of having a fit and healthy body. My strength and endurance has astonished me at times. I now feel that I have a ‘can do’ attitude and will push myself even harder.”


Todd M.

325 Pounds and a Concerned Family Member

Todd's testimonial on KoruCenter's Colorado weight loss campTodd began working with KoruCenter at 325 pounds, looking for a change in lifestyle. His brother in law found KoruCenter for him as he was very worried about Todd’s future.

Todd owns and operates his own livery service in Arizona and the hours he puts into his business are immense. His weight ballooned. He decided with the support of his brother in law to take his weight/health serious and he enrolled in KoruCenter’s program where he lost more than 20 pounds in four weeks, as well as losing 10 inches across his body and 2 inches from his waistline. Todd also reduced his mile walk time by 26 percent. 

He has continued his commitment to losing weight and new lifestyle at home utilizing all the training, nutrition and behavior management skills he acquired while at KoruCenter. Todd couldn’t be happier and has lost an additional 15 pounds and counting back at home.

Todd was very satisfied with KoruCenter’s Colorado weight loss camp and has indicated he will come back for follow up down the road.

Behavior, nutrition and exercise were all very invaluable. My body and mind feel great, and I lost 25 lbs in 4 weeks. Your entire staff were amazing.

I am very satisfied I accomplished the goals I had set for camp, and I feel confident I will excel at home.

Living accommodations, fitness facilities, the trainers, nutritionists, and behavior management specialists were excellent, and I am very satisfied with all elements of my experience.

I feel my energy level, strength, and stamina are all excellent after KoruCenter’s program.

I am very satisfied with the food and the variety of the meals.

I absolutely would refer KoruCenter to anyone considering enrolling.

When you come here, you receive the total package through exercise, behavior management, and nutrition. KoruCenter teaches you how to stay on the right path and eat the right foods.”

Lilli D.

A Student Looking to Refocus

Lilli's testimonial on KoruCenter's Colorado weight loss camp

A sophomore in college, Lilli worked with KoruCenter for two weeks in order to refocus her life before heading back to school. She had a challenging first few days before a determination rose to the surface that surprised Lilli herself.

At the end of her stay, Lilli had dropped 8 pounds, 5 percent of her fat mass, and decreased her mile time by 20 percent. She also lost 5 inches across her body including 1 inch in her waist.

Most importantly to her, though, she was set up to continue improving at college.

I was able to do things I never thought I could. I like how there is a big focus not just on nutrition and exercise, but also on psychology and how you feel.

This journey was a kickstart for the rest of my life. … I am excited and ready for the future!

The whole time I felt great, I am extremely happy with this program.

I have learned so much about health and exercise. The biggest thing I learned, though was about myself and what I can do!”

Jennifer S.

Overwhelmed and Looking for a Change of Pace

Jennifer chose KoruCenter for a two-week stay because she wanted a change of pace in her life. She was overwhelmed with her sales job and her nutritional program at home was not healthy. She needed a “shock” to the system and decided to fly to Colorado to take advantage of KoruCenter’s intensive, personalized program. She focused on her cardio endurance and her nutritional consultations to assist her in her weightloss journey.

Jennifer lost 7 pounds and dropped 2.2 percent in her percentage fat calculation during her two-week stay.

My favorite activities were the park bootcamps and the hiking excursions. … The effectiveness and experience with the trainers at KoruCenter was excellent.”

Jessica B.

A Denverite on a One-Week Journey

KoruCenter was a wonderful experience. It completely kick started a new personal fitness program with extreme motivation, realistic goals achieved by personal planning for my daily routine. I would highly recommend it! I would definitely come back somewhere down the line as I see how my motivation upholds!

Matt S./h2>

From Kansas to Denver, for One-On-One Support

“Just recently I have started to care about my health after graduating high school. KoruCenter looked like a good place to go before I started college.

Before KoruCenter, I had little experience with proper exercise and nutrition. I previously participated in a different diet program in which I successfully lost weight, but did not learn anything about nutrition. At KoruCenter I learned what it really took to exercise, what exercises you can do, how to manage your food portions, what food to eat, and when to eat it.

The trainers are all very nice and helpful, and will work at your pace. They are all very friendly, knowledgeable about exercise, and will also talk to you about how to eat right.

Coming from Kansas, where it is flat, Colorado is exciting. There are tons of hikes to do-and those were my favorite part. I dislike jogging on a paved path, but through KoruCenter I discovered my love for trail running. It was so fun that I ran on the trails even when I was tired.

All in all, I think everybody can enjoy KoruCenter. Just remember that it’s always hard when you start!”


Rick S.

A Former Athlete Trying to Get Back in Shape

Rick came to KoruCenter for a two-week stay prior to starting the MBA portion of a combined MBA/MD program in North Carolina. As an athlete growing up and as an undergraduate, Rick was used to being in tip top shape. But as life and professional obligations got a hold of him in graduate school, Rick recognized his body transforming — and not in the right way. He took himself out of his comfort zone and joined KoruCenter. Rick wanted to get back into a workout routine and healthy eating regiment, and KoruCenter provided that to him.

Rick felt drastic improvements over the two weeks, especially in his strength and stamina.

After KoruCenter’s program, Rick left with a good idea of what a healthy, balanced lifestyle looks like and a good framework for structuring workouts and the importance of nutrition.

I am very satisfied with the meals provided. … The fitness facilities and trainers were excellent.

KoruCenter was a rewarding experience because it was so challenging mentally and physically. I initially came here to lose a lot of weight fast, but I soon realized that focusing on learning new health and wellness techniques and using them to implement sustainable change upon leaving was the bigger goal. I am proud of the strides I have made here and look forward to expanding upon them when I get home.”

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