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Emphasizing The Outdoors

Flatirons-SeasonsKoruCenter’s focus reaches beyond the walls of fitness facilities.

Our trainers take full advantage of the natural Colorado landscape when building personalized weight-loss programs for our clients. These Colorado outdoor activities are a hallmark of KoruCenter’s programming and are key components of our client’s fitness plan throughout the year.

We take advantage of the best indoor and outdoor locations and activities Denver has to offer, including

  • Biking trails around Denver and along the foothills of the Rockies.
  • Denver’s many parks and nature paths, which are perfect for walking and running.
  • Hiking paths with varying intensities in the foothills and city.
  • Snowshoeing trails when weather dictates.
  • Cross-country skiing in and around the city.
  • Downhill skiing just a short drive out of the city, on some of the most famous ski slopes in the world.
We think Colorado offers the ideal backdrop for a retreat like ours, and we seek to make the most out of the natural features and activities that make it so ideal.

Day Trips

Red RocksBeyond day to day use of the best outdoor activities the Denver area has to offer, we offer weekly trips to Colorado’s most famous natural locations.  Boulder and Golden are nearby, and both offer some of the most iconic vistas in the world.  We make heavy use of the parks in those areas for walking, biking, hiking, running, snowshoeing and skiing, so no matter what time of year it is, you can expect to enjoy places like the Flatirons and the Red Rocks.

Chautauqua Trailhead is one of our favorites and it is the source of the top photograph on this page, of thColorado is the ideal place to begin a weight loss transformatione Flatirons.  Another of our favorite destinations is Red Rocks.  Not only are there wonderful trails for both summer and winter activities there, but the famous amphitheater offers a great location for stair workouts.  At nearly 6,500 feet of elevation, Red Rocks is a wonderful challenge.

We also include sports and exercises like swimming, tennis, yoga, and more that are often done outside near our downtown Denver location.  Denver itself is home of two large, well known parks (pictured below) that we like to incorporate into our daily schedule.

One often unconsidered distinction to our programming is the altitude at which it takes place.  All of our facilities and destinations are above and beyond a mile high, which brings with it its own set of challenges and benefits.  Acclimating to a mile high workout can be addressed by being careful to wear sunscreen, hydrating well, and letting your body adjust over the first few days. After that you’ll simply be reaping the benefits of increased exercise efficiency and effectiveness.  This benefit will be most keenly felt when you return home to your lower altitude and more oxygen rich air.

Washington Park [Denver]


Red Rocks [Boulder]

Red Rocks

City Park [Denver]

Our Denver Skyline

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