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At KoruCenter, we emphasize the importance of tracking your weight loss journey from start to finish. After all, approaching weight loss without solid measurement and tracking is like tackling a labyrinth blind.

Accordingly, we’ve devised a system with a precise, clinical approach that takes the guesswork out of determining your overall wellness. What’s more, we’ll give you the means to take part of our system home with you after you leave, allowing you to establish a healthy routine of self-measurement and evaluation in your day-to-day life.

The first step entails the basic practice of regular weigh-ins and body metric evaluations.* Our staff will conduct some of these tests each week and others biweekly to determine changes in weight and overall size. With these measurements on-hand, we can customize a plan for you based on your progress.

But knowing where you stand in your efforts to lose that unwanted fat means a lot more than just a quick, periodic weigh-in. The scale alone can’t offer a complete picture of your overall fitness level. That’s why our staff has teamed up with experts to provide you with the most comprehensive weight loss profile you can obtain anywhere, period.*

*Third-party body metric measurements not provided to all clients.

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Wellness Consultation with Fitness Director

When you first arrive at KoruCenter, we’ll conduct a six-dimensional assessment to gauge your overall wellness and establish a baseline from which our team will tailor a fitness plan to your needs. The results will include:

Physical FitnessPhysical Fitness

Basic factors such as cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength are necessary for maximum overall health and longevity.

Metabolic Fitness

The rate at which our bodies use energy is highly determined by the amount of exercise you engage in.

Diet and Nutrition

What we choose to put in our bodies is one of the few things we have direct control over. That’s why diet and nutrition are perhaps the most important factors in your efforts to lose weight.


The amount of sleep you get each night and the quality of that sleep affect the hormone levels in your body, which in turn set off a chain reaction that has a profound influence on your weight.


body-composition-analyzer-air-displacement-plethysmographyPhysical, mental, and emotional stress can cause a sharp increase in cortisol, a stress hormone that directly contributes to weight gain. Our test will help you determine the causes of stress in your life so you can work to mitigate them.

Quality of Life

Distinct from material concerns, quality of life describes one’s level of satisfaction with their cultural or intellectual surroundings. These can have an adverse influence on your motivation to exercise and maintain a proper fitness regimen.

Body Composition Test

People often get discouraged by the numbers on their scales, failing to realize that their slow total weight loss is due to the muscle that’s replacing lost fat. Our program measures your body’s composition weekly with COSMED’s Bod Pod, which uses displaced air technology to find an incredibly accurate muscle-fat ratio. You’ll be able to see exactly how much muscle you’ve gained and how much fat you’ve lost for the most complete record of your progress.

Note: This test is an additional cost and is only available for clients who book four weeks or more with KoruCenter.

The Fitbit One

The Fit Bit One

KoruCenter’s most crucial purpose is to teach you how to implement our philosophy into your daily life, so you can not only lose weight, but keep it off long after you’ve left the program. The segue from KoruCenter to your former life will be far easier thanks to the Fitbit One, an all-in-one electronic device that meticulously tracks your daily activities.

  • Uses a cutting edge accelerometer and altimeter to track the number of steps taken, calories burned, and hours slept.
  • Measures sleep quality to find discrepancies in sleep hygiene.
  • Syncs conveniently with mobile devices and computers, allowing you to visualize its data in graphs and charts.
  • Unique rewards system allows you to compete with friends and feel a tangible sense of accomplishment when you see your results in an simplified visual format.
  • The Fitbit One can be included at an additional cost with any program or plan.

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