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Our Approach

Traditionally, weight loss has been said to be achieved by combining two things: diet and exercise.  Also traditionally, weight loss is incredibly difficult and rarely sticks.

We think that this traditional approach is seriously flawed, lacking several integral components and approaching the challenge in an unpleasant way

Instead, KoruCenter’s Denver weight loss program attacks your health in five ways: 

All of these are elements of our most central tenet: Weight loss is an intensely personal thing that requires an individualized approach.


With these five approaches in mind, and with careful individualization of our program for every client, we are able to achieve not just immediate results, but lasting ones.

  • Fitness

    The building blocks to achieving optimal fitness and weight loss are many, and they must be constructed in the proper sequence. Each client is different. The cornerstone for achieving optimal fitness and weight loss is the precise physiological training (workout program) based on each individual and their goals.

  • Behavioral Change

    The key to successful and long-lasting weight loss is learning how to turn existing bad habits and behaviors into healthy ones. This requires both work and education, both of which we provide. We work with you to give you the ability to confront the behaviors contributing to your current weight and prevail against them.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition at KoruCenter is much more than a handful of perfectly balanced meals each day, although that is part of what we offer. Beyond that, we emphasize teaching you how to apply KoruCenter’s nutritional philosophy at home, in order to eat your favorite food in a healthy way.

  • Clinical Testing

    Data is an often overlooked element of weight loss, but without accurate measuring and tracking, trying to lose weight is essentially taking a shot in the dark. We partner with experts to give us an initial benchmark of your fitness and to set and measure goals throughout the program. Most importantly, we give you the tools and teach you how to apply this important element to your regular life.

  • Ongoing Support

    Our goal is to give you all the tools, knowledge and preparation you need to take KoruCenter’s program home with you.  But just to be sure, we will be with you every step of the way during the transition, consulting with you about how to apply what you’ve gained to your own routine and coaching you through any challenges you face.

Our Philosophy

“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success – or are they holding you back?”

~ W. Clement Stone

It’s a fact of life that we often must sacrifice the ideals of tomorrow for the realities of today. Perhaps you’ve found this to be true in achieving your elusive weight loss goals.

The stresses of a job, mortgage, and family all converge to create an impossible hurdle. You know every diet and every exercise plan by heart, but you can’t seem to follow through.  Before you know it, you’ve resigned yourself to your bad habits, convinced that you’ll always look and feel the way you do now.

But what if there’s another option?

Change Your Pace

At KoruCenter, we believe that overcoming the obstacles to your weight loss goals will require your undivided focus and discipline. We’re a totally immersive weight loss retreat that permits you to escape your frenetic routine and join a group of like-minded individuals who share the same vision.

To help you bring that vision to life, we’ve created a program that addresses your specific objectives, dietary preferences, and desired pace, but still demands the structure and intensity that will produce lasting weight loss results.denver weight loss

Change Your Scenery

Human beings are hardwired to adapt to new physical environments. Given enough time, we slowly incorporate the elements of our surroundings into our daily lives to create stability and cope with stress. Problems arise when we get too comfortable with unhealthy attitudes and toxic ways of thinking, which are sometimes influenced by our peers and the unavoidable circumstances of our lives.

Kevin Reilly, founder of KoruCenter, based his program in Metro Denver for this reason. According to an extensive Gallup poll, Colorado is the second healthiest state in the U.S. with a 20.5-percent obesity rate. In fact, from 1995-2013, Colorado held the distinction of being the healthiest state in the U.S.

No one can conclusively say why Colorado is so fit. Maybe it’s the fact that Denver residents enjoy 300 annual days of sunlight — even more than San Diego or Miami Beach. Perhaps it’s the outdoor culture of bikers, hikers, and climbers, fostered by the region’s fresh air, beautiful scenery and challenging terrain.

Only one thing is certain: If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and into a state that has all the makings of a weight loss mecca, KoruCenter is your best option.


Change your Attitude

When you leave our program, you’ll return to the same hectic, stressful life, replete with opportunities to backslide and pick up your old habits. What will keep you from gaining back the weight you lost during your time with us?

Fortunately, KoruCenter isn’t just a weight loss program — it’s a behavioral modification program. During your time here, we’ll help you identify the patterns of thought, action, and poor self-control that contributed to your present circumstances.

With our guidance, you’ll be able to let go of negative emotions and permanently change your state of mind. Equipped with a new, confident self-image and sense of purpose, you’ll have the means to transcend the negative influences of your old life and keep the weight off without a second thought.

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