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Daily Schedule

At KoruCenter, you'll received a tailored weight-loss program.

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Watch-Myself-GrowKoruCenter prides itself on offering its guests a pure Colorado weight loss experience. Our Denver weight loss program is neither a one-size-fits-all solution, nor are we a spa experience. It’s true that KoruCenter puts you at the center of the experience and gears everything to meet your needs. Your meals are specifically planned and provided, your daily fitness schedule is tailored for you and we take care of your accommodations. But that doesn’t mean things are easy.

When you come to KoruCenter, you’re committing to yourself and committing to intensive, immersive programming. KoruCenter believes in hard work and has created a Colorado weight loss experience that’s based on hard work that will lead to results.

What Does Your Day Look Like?

Immediately upon your arrival at KoruCenter, we’ll get to work. We’ll use the information you’ve submitted prior to your arrival to begin building your program. We’ll also perform additional assessment tests to further understand your current health status. KoruCenter’s experts will analyze all of that data and use it to create your daily schedules. You can expect that your days at KoruCenter’s Denver facilities will include:

Our personalized weight loss and fitness instruction at work.

  • Three daily meals that are specifically planned to meet your identified calorie goals. KoruCenter’s nutritional experts will develop a meal plan that’s tailored to meet your calorie needs and takes into account any existing food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Ongoing nutrition informational sessions geared toward making you a savvy consumer of food. Eating healthy is easier when someone else is doing in the meal planning and cooking, but how will you carry on those healthy habits when you return home? KoruCenter’s experts will arm you with the knowledge, tools and tips to make healthy eating a long-term part of your life.
  • Five to seven hours of daily physical activity. One of the key benefits of KoruCenter’s immersive experience is the opportunity for you to aggressively incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. This allows you to see results early on the experience, which gives you added motivation to continue. KoruCenter’s experts will create daily physical activity plans that will keep you interested and challenged. You’ll regularly be exposed to new activities and we’ll take full advantage of all that Colorado has to offer.
  • Daily reflection time. KoruCenter’s experts are committed to helping you find your inner motivations and to helping you change your life for the better. Regular reflection time will be used to help you understand all that you’re learning and process the changes that you’re making.
  • Downtime to use as you see fit. KoruCenter’s experts understand the value of working downtime into your schedule; you’ll have opportunities between classes and activities to relax and rejuvenate. You’ll also have opportunities in the evenings and on Sunday afternoons that you can use to connect with fellow participants at KoruCenter and to explore Colorado.

Weekly Schedule

This daily schedule is a broad example of what you will experience while you’re at KoruCenter’s Denver facilities.  In addition to days downtown like this, there will be at least one trip per week to a location in the mountains (locations vary week to week), where you will participate in an outdoor activity unique to Colorado.

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