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Making Your Reservation

Let us help you plan our visit to KoruCenter.

» Making Your Reservation

Ready to make plans for your visit to Colorado to experience KoruCenter’s weight loss without walls program? Making your Denver weight loss boot camp reservation is easy. Simply contact us at 720-446-6886 or and one of our staff members will help you get started. We’ll walk you through the information needed to make your reservation and line up your accommodations.

Try to have the following information on-hand when you call:

  • Preferred dates for your visit. denver weight loss boot campKeep in mind that our programming begins on Monday mornings.  Transportation to and from the airport (DEN) is offered on Sundays.
  • Primary goal that you’d like to achieve. Are you looking to meet goals in addition to losing weight? Do you have specific sports or activities that you currently participate in?
  • Any special accommodations that you may require during your stay. Do you have any specific lodging needs? Do you have food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Don’t worry, we’ll work through all of these issues during the planning consultation. You need only make the call and we’ll do the rest!



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