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Steps to Take Before You Arrive

You only need to do a few things before you arrive in Colorado!

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lose weight in coloradoThere are just a few things you need to do before arriving to lose weight in Colorado with KoruCenter. This pre-work will help ensure that your time with us is tailored to meet your specific needs and is as effective as possible. (Note: KoruCenter will provide you the necessary forms after you register.)

  1. Have a medical evaluation. You will need to arrange for a medical evaluation with your primary care provider prior to arriving at KoruCenter. During this visit, we ask that you have your provider complete a release form, which we will provide to you. (Note: Your medical evaluation must be completed no more than one month before your visit to KoruCenter. Having an accurate and up-to-date health status allows us to ensure that you have a safe and effective experience with KoruCenter.) Your primary care physician must provide a release for you to participate in KoruCenter fitness and nutrition activities.
  2. Submit your completed release form and agreement to attend. Your medical records can be electronically sent to KoruCenter or brought with you. Although we don’t require this, we encourage it so that our staff can best assess your physical condition. Please note that our commitment to your overall health and safety prohibits us from allowing you to begin our onsite program until this form is received and reviewed by our team of medical and fitness experts. Additionally, we will provide you with an agreement to attend that must be completed prior to your arrival.
  3. Reflect on your personal goals and desires. Begin to think through your motivators and your past barriers to success at weight loss. Start to reflect on where you’d like to see yourself and what changes you hope to make during your time with KoruCenter. This information and more will be collected via a client profile form, which we will send you prior to your arrival.

These steps are in place to allow KoruCenter’s experts to develop a personalized program that’s safe and effective for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at 720-446-6886 or and someone on our staff will assist you.

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