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How You Can Avoid Being The Biggest Loser When It Comes To Losing Weight

Nearly 10 million Americans tune in every single week to watch the hit NBC TV show “The Biggest Loser”. Now in its eighth season, the show taps into one of modern societies greatest obsessions: losing weight and looking perfect. Particularly in America, where so many of us struggle with obesity due to sedentary lifestyle and […]

Do Weight Loss Retreats Really Work?

Weight loss retreats have been a booming industry both here in the USA, and across many parts of the world, for decades now. Their financial success has grown rapidly in the past few years partly due to publicity generated through TV programs. The format of these programs is always the same, dramatically overweight people are […]

Top 3 Tips for Staying Hydrated

If you’re busy getting fit this summer, staying hydrated should be at the top of your list of things to keep in mind. Check out top 5 tips for for making sure you’re staying hydrated while you work out, and be sure to read our “bonus” tip for working out at high altitudes and how it can […]

4 Health and Fitness Tech Toys and Apps

When it comes to your health, the undertaking of a fitness regimen can be daunting. These days, however, there are countless toys and tools available to make your workout routine more interesting and fun. These are just a few of our picks for fun, innovative, and useful tech devices and apps that will make diving into […]

Drink More Water to Lose Weight

You’ve heard this tip a million times: Drink more water to lose weight. Drinking enough water is an important tool in switching to a healthier lifestyle. Curious how to drink water to maximize weight loss? Here are just some of the benefits of upping the water ante: Most adults do not drink enough water, causing body […]

Top 10 Least & Most Obese Cities in the US

Because of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, active outdoor lifestyle and the healthy mindset of its people, Colorado dominates the Top 10 least obese cities list.  Interestingly, not one of the most obese cities is located on the west side of the US.  With the exception of McAllen, Texas, all Top 10 of the most obese […]

Food For Thought: Eating for Brain Health

The good news is that by properly nourishing your brain you can significantly: Increase cognitive ability Boost memory Reduce your chances of developing dementia & Alzheimer’s, Repair your brain Reverse damage by stimulating the production of new brain cells, a process known as neurogenesis  Top Brain Power Foods: Avocado Contains Healthy Fats the brain needs […]

FTC Rules: No magic pill! Diet and exercise is truly the only way to lose weight. More reason to visit KoruCenter!

The Federal Trade Commission slams companies making false claims of losing weight without dieting with $26.5 million  in settlement charges. Americans are desperate to lose weight. Over two thirds of the population is overweight or obese and will believe almost any claim, throwing common sense to the wind.  False claims include: Just sprinkle “Sensa” on […]

New Year’s Resolution 2014: Dare to Make a Drastic Change

If you find yourself making the same resolutions every year, only to end up right back where you started, it’s time to do something drastically different. Maybe last year you managed to drink more water, journal your feelings & take the stairs.  But everyday life got in the way of really focusing on what you […]

Beat Holiday Stress by Not Beating Yourself Up

We’ve memorized all of the diet tips:  Substitute healthy snacks for calorie loaded ones, keep cut veggies on hand, take time to exercise…..but the reality is holidays can be a frenzied whirlwind and everything we know goes out the window. Sleep deprivation we often experience during Christmas rush causes hormone changes and carb cravings. We […]

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