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The Team

Everyone-who-works-here gives confidence to succeedWho Are We?

As a team, our objective is to provide a unique Denver weight loss experience that solves the traditional problems of other immersive weight loss programs, particularly that they produce great temporary results, but don’t fix the underlying causes of problems and, as a result, don’t provide a lasting effect.

We bring a different kind of expertise to this industry — not just in fitness and training, but in actually helping people achieve lasting weight loss.  With that expertise, we’ve created a weight loss without walls program that is committed to helping participants make the changes needed to effect long-term change.

Here, you’ll be a part of a program that emphasizes education and behavioral change.  You’ll be paired up with experts knowledgeable on nutrition, cooking, health, and fitness.  They, along with our staff, will work with you to figure out how to change your normal habits to be more healthy without losing enjoyment or time.  You’ll come away from the experience not just having achieved your goals of fitness and weight loss, but you’ll be ready to face the trial of returning to your routine while still making healthier choices.  We think this is the most important part of the entire experience, and to ensure your success, we’ll continue to work with you after you go home.

The Team

Kevin Reilly [Founder]

kevin reillyKevin is KoruCenter’s founder. He leads the growth of the business and oversees finances, sales, and marketing for the company.

Kevin has more than 20 years experience in finance and small business development. He worked as an investment banker in New York and California and has owned and led a number of small businesses. Having experienced his own radical change at a weight-loss center, he is thrilled to utilize his business expertise to help others achieve their own transformations.

A native of Colorado, Kevin is excited to be back in his home state. Since his own personal transformation, Kevin has maintained both his weight loss and an active lifestyle. He exercises at least five times a week and runs competitively. Read Kevin’s story now. 

Kevin earned an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado, Boulder and holds a B.S. from Columbia University and a B.A. from Claremont McKenna College.

Alexia Weatherford [Fitness Director]

20150916_120301_HDRMy passion for health began at a young age. I grew up in a home where being overweight and obese was normal and I watched family members try various ways to lose weight, but were unsuccessful. My heart hurt for them as I saw the discouragement. I quickly realized that I wanted to help others become the best version of themselves. When people are physically active and work towards improving their overall health they begin to find confidence in all areas of their life. My passion is to help others dig deep to find and renew that confidence. My background includes various types of fitness as well as nutrition. I enjoy the outdoors as well as a good gym session!

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer Since 2011
Other Fitness Certifications: TRX, Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Wellness Coaching

Jolene Park [Behavior Management Director]

JolineJolene is the Behavior Management Director for KoruCenter. In this capacity, Jolene manages the mental health side of our program. With a passion for health, Jolene inspires her audiences to create balance in all areas of their lives. She promotes individual responsibility and believes in the power of information to provide options for choosing healthy lifestyles.

She received her certification in nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She has a B.A. degree in Speech Communication, emphasizing corporate training from Colorado State University and was certified in drug, alcohol, and eating disorders while attending CSU. She currently offers a holistic body, mind, and spirit approach to weight loss, compulsive overeating, food, dieting issues, preventative healthcare, and individuals seeking more balance and energy.

Jolene is a Colorado native and resides in Denver. She grew up on her family’s centennial farm in northeastern Colorado. She grew up around more than 1,000 cattle, lots of open space and whole, fresh food. In a way, she was born into the original “green organic living” before it was trendy. In her free time she enjoys yoga, travel, and a good book.

Luis Ovalle [Assistant Fitness Consultant]

IMG_0325Luis Ovalle is a graduate from Buffalo State College with a Bachelor of Science degree. Luis has always had a love for competing in sports and played NCAA Division III football. After graduating from college, Luis focused on getting his certification as a personal trainer and is currently certified with the National Academy of Sports and Medicine.

Luis started his career at an elite club in New York City, The Sports Club/LA (SCLA) on the Upper Eastside. In New York City, Luis had the opportunity to train all types of clients ranging from weight loss and strength training  goals as well as working with all types of special populations. He also received continuing education from some of the industries top instructors in the 7 years he trained at SCLA.

In 2012, Luis and his wife moved from New York City to the beautiful state of Colorado. Luis specializes in resistance training, corrective exercise, body weight exercises, and boxing. Luis hopes to continue to provide a life change for others in fitness by motivating and making fitness fun. What better place to do that than in Colorado! Luis believes that fitness is a reflection of life and life is not meant to be done on your own, so why should fitness? That’s where Luis comes in and assists you to reach your ultimate goals in fitness. With a personal drive to have fun in fitness, Luis also possess the education and experience to create personal programs that create success.

Sara Grout [Nutrition Director]

Sara_1.jpgSara is the Nutrition Director for KoruCenter, overseeing nutrition and meal programming, as well as  implementation for our clients.

Sara brings more than a decade of experience in the fitness, nutrition, and wellness field to KoruCenter. Growing up in Iowa, she completed her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition at Iowa State University.  During this time, she also worked as a group fitness instructor, yoga instructor, and personal trainer while spending a lot of her own in the weight room and running marathons.

From college, she moved to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where she interned for a weight loss spa, providing fitness classes, personal training services, and presenting seminars.  After her internship, she moved to San Diego where she worked for another weight loss camp, leading fitness classes and presenting nutrition seminars.  She stayed in San Diego to complete her Dual Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University. While working toward her Master’s Degrees, she managed the university’s group fitness and personal training departments and taught pilates, yoga, spinning, and weight training classes.  During this time she also interned at the American Council on Exercise (ACE) headquarters.

Despite doing everything that she thought was “right” to have a healthy and strong body, she become chronically ill with an autoimmune condition (an undifferentiated connective tissue disease), heavy metal toxicity, leaky gut, adrenal burnout, and more.  Because of this, Sara had to step away from the world of fitness to allow her body to heal.  During her six years of healing, she studied everything she could get her hands on in order to regain her health, strength, and happiness.  She went on to study Functional Medicine, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Metabolic Typing, Touch for Health Applied Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and several more modalities and methods. It was her intense dedication and desire to learn, grow, and heal that allowed her to fully recover, despite baffling every medical professional that she saw.  She then moved to Australia to live for a year and study at the Academy of Healing Nutrition.  While in Australia she continued to build her own knowledge base of nutrition expertise. Back in Denver, she works with KoruCenter.

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