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About Colorado’s Premier Live-In Weight-Loss Center

We know first-hand how life-changing fitness and weight-loss can be.

» About Colorado’s Premier Live-In Weight-Loss Center

about-graphicWeight loss means more than just shedding pounds.

Losing weight can transform your life.

KoruCenter Founder Kevin ReillyHi! I’m Kevin Reilly, the founder of KoruCenter, a Colorado weight loss camp without walls, and several years ago, I needed that kind of transformation.

A demanding career left me with little time or desire to exercise, and turmoil in my personal life sapped my motivation and self-confidence. I was unhappily treading water and couldn’t muster the determination to do anything about it.

I knew that I needed a change – a big change – to restore my energy and enthusiasm, shake myself out of the slump, and rebuild my confidence. But in my then-current frame of mind, positive change didn’t seem likely. And sustaining any change seemed impossible.

Committing to Radical Change

So, instead, I opted to focus 100 percent of my time and energy on radically transforming just one aspect of my life.

I decided to lose weight and get in shape – and I went all-in, signing up for a stay at a residential weight-loss center.

It was a big, risky, expensive decision. “Every day I learn as much as I teach and my own personal transformation continues. I want that same experience for you, which is why I founded KoruCenter.”                            -Kevin Reilly, FounderI didn’t know what to expect, and I was anxious about spending so much money. What if it didn’t work?

But from the first day of my stay, I was hooked. Getting away from the day-to-day of my own life was just as transformational as I’d hoped it would be. I was immersed in a positive, caring atmosphere, surrounded by supportive people who all shared the same goal.

I lost 30 pounds, took up tennis, and rediscovered my love of running.

Just as I’d hoped, I returned home infused with confidence, excitement, and energy. I had a strong, fit body, a new enthusiasm for exercise, and lots of big ideas.

For me, being involved in the transformations of other people turned out to just as important as the changes I’d made in my own life. Participants arrived at the center hiding behind their own weight, and I loved seeing them come out their shells.  After I returned home, I began thinking about how to help more people experience this kind of radical transformation. So I founded a new Colorado weight loss camp, designed from the ground up to facilitate personal transformation through weight loss.

Establishing KoruCenter

In keeping with the significance of personal growth and transformation to the weight-loss process, I chose the name KoruCenter for the new business.

“Koru” comes from the Maori word for an unfurling fern frond. It is a spiral-shaped symbol that represents peace, new growth, and new beginnings.

I knew that environmental change was the most important aspect of my own transformation, so it was crucial to take people out of their everyday lives for a little while and  – even more important  – that their weight loss occur in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

At KoruCenter, I’ve assembled a team of passionate and compassionate experts who could create the ideal environment for weight loss and transformational change. I chose to locate KoruCenter in Colorado, because I believe that Colorado is home to just the kind of people I want staffing the weight-loss center: long-term, dedicated professionals who share a passion for health, a compassion for the overweight, and a commitment to the active, outdoor lifestyle that Colorado is famous for. 

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