How to Lose Weight the KoruCenter Way

KoruCenter is for you if you are:

  • Motivated to adopt new, healthier behaviors that will improve your life, health, appearance and energy levels.
  • Ready to move past long-held barriers to optimal health.
  • Tired of the lack of success in your current fitness routine and are ready to make substantive changes and embrace a new approach.
  • Interested in new ways of eating that will lead to weight loss and increased energy.
  • Ready for an immersive weight-loss experience in beautiful Colorado.

Your change starts here.

KoruCenter’s five-pronged approach is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Behavioral Change - one of the primary components in this Colorado weight-loss camp. Behavioral Change
Nutrition education, counseling, and personalization provide the foundation to make your changes last.
Nutrition - half of the not-so-simple equation: diet+exercise = weight-loss Nutrition
A daily selection of delicious meals, prepared to meet your specific tastes, calorie goals and nutritional needs.
Fitness -- the other end of the standard formula.  Something that many make more difficult than it needs to be, by taking bad, generic advice. Fitness
Customized workouts, supervised by experienced trainers, immersing you in Colorado’s natural beauty.
Clinical expertise is essential for successful weight loss efforts. Clinical Expertise
Medical and nutritional experts who monitor your progress and ensure that your weight loss is safe and healthy.
Ongoing support is the final and necessary component of our program.  We'll still be with you after you leave Colorado. Ongoing Support
Coaching and support after you leave KoruCenter, helping you sustain your weight loss and behavioral changes.

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